Coach + Owner + MMA Fighter

Jose is a kinesiologist who not only knows the science but understands the struggle.

An expert personal trainer and a master at changing lives, Jose brings a wealth of fitness and nutrition knowledge to the table to help his clients stick to their plans and meet their goals. 

Armed with a no-nonsense approach and tenacity that would put any gym trainer to shame, Jose is trained and ready to help you realize your goals.

He's been there. He's been fat, fit, fat and back again.

Jose is like most of us today. He didn't win the lottery in genetics and struggled with his weight most of his childhood.

Even though he leaned out through playing sports, his obstacles with his weight would return just a few years later after graduating college and taking a desk job.

He had to learn to adapt his nutrients and apply his schooling to overcome his genetics as well as the psychology of weight loss.

This battle is what made Jose so passionate about helping others.

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Background + Training

  • Master of Science: Human Services

  • Bachelor of Science: Kinesiology

  • Strength + Conditioning Supervisor at Boise State University

  • Certified Strength + Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through NSCA

  • GA Instructor for Undergraduate Exercise Science

  • Certified Child + Adult Developmental Specialist

  • 20 years experience personal training

  • Former Collegiate Athlete

  • Former Semi-Pro Football Player

  • Amateur MMA Title Holder

  • Former Pro Mixed Martial Arts Fighter