Where and when do supplements fit into fitness and our diet?

I am a "food first" trainer.

This means that food should be the primary source of nutrition. Science (and its discovery as to how food works with our bodies) is yet still a drop in the bucket to reality.

However, with the fast paced lifestyles and society, supplements are everywhere and pushed onto us in every shape and every form. Do they work? Some do and some don't. Research that supports the ones that do can be misleading. i.e. extract X helps ____. But whats left out is the needed dose for ___ to happen, and the product sold may carry only trace amounts of said extract. 

Very little is regulated on supplements. Supplement companies often get targeted by lawsuits for overpromising or misleading the consumer. I personally use a few meal replacement bars and shakes to fill the gaps due to "lack of planning" or "unexpected events" when I cannot eat real food. Some days this happens a lot.

What is the answer?

How do I know I am getting a good and safe product?

It's hard and confusing. Many clients think buying in bulk at the local Costco is the way to go. Some think that because they saw someone else take Supplement X that it will work for them. 

There are various quality products out there, but you truly get what you pay for. When you pay more you're ensuring you get a higher quality supplement. You want quality ingredients and minimal processing.

Isagenix is one of very few lines of product I would endorse (I actually use Isagenix myself). I have had great results with it as well as many of my clients whose lifestyle doesn't permit them to manage a solid meal plan daily.  

Take a look and if you're not sure what option might be best for you then let's chat.

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